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A digital print is a downloaded jpeg file of an image. You can use the image for up to 3 prints and/or on your desktop and device screen. *

2. Download Your Photo

Once you've made your choice, download your photo to your hard drive. *

3. Print It Your Way

The possibilities are endless. Use the digital file for up to three prints in the format of your choice. Also use the file for your desktop or device screen *

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I came to photography after suffering a mental breakdown.

Photography saved my life. It drew me away from the darkness. My breakdown led to a change in career and I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years.

That time has helped me develop a profound understanding of how photography can connect people with place and help them re-connect with things that are meaningful and life-changing.

I soon discovered that a picture really is worth a thousand words. It has the power to convey the essence of a scene that can contribute to wellbeing.

The photographs on display have all been a part of my journey to light - little antidotes against the darkness. Each photograph has a  story that is woven into the composition. It includes my story; the story of genius loci - the spirit of place; and, hopefully, your story too. 


Use your digital photo in multiple ways.

1. Framed Print

Use your digital photo in a framed print*

2. Greetings Card

Use your digital photo for a greetings card or similar. *

3. PC, Device or TV Screen

Use your digital photo as a compatible PC, device or TV screen backdrop.*

"My photographs capture the essence of a place and form a bridge between the past and the present. They are a shared experience."


For the mind and body healers.

The feel good factor. A growing collection of photographs that resonate and create a sense of wellbeing. Use them to absorb the light or escape into a particular place.

" The photographs on display have all been a part of my journey to light - little antidotes against the darkness. Each photograph has a  story that is woven into the composition."

Fractal - Limited Edition Downloads

Unique Images For Interior Designers.

Licensed for 10 individual user downloads only .

Fractals are nature’s building blocks and for that reason they have visual currency which translates into feelings of comfort and wellbeing. The fractal prints are skilfully manipulated images from real places that draw the eye inwards to a geometry saturated with meaning.

"Photography has the power to connect us to the spirit of a place - even if we haven't been there before."

Spirit of Place

For the place makers.

Photographs that mix the tangible with the intangible. Photographs that give a sense of place - its Genius Loci.

"After taking a photograph, I feel as though I've pocketed the light in my camera. It holds the essence of that moment and impacts me every time I view it."

Time Shift

For the time travellers.

Buildings, Time and Light = TimeShift. Wonderful depictions of light and colour temperature taken over a period of time.

When I photograph the light on a building for a full day, there comes a time when my heartbeat slows down. Time, itself, slows down. On rare occasions - I've seen the shadows move across the particles that make up the patina of the stone facade.


For the patina pioneers

Here's a carefully chosen selection of my favourite images from our textured universe.

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The Wells Light Refinery Digital Print

"This is magnificent! In one of my courses, I talk to students about light and architecture, and how the sun's movement through the day and the seasons changes what we experience. I can't wait to show them this!" Peter Coffman, Ottawa, Canada.

*The purchase price of the downloaded file is for the download and use of the digital media towards making up to three prints as per the terms and conditions outlined here. The purchase price is for the downloaded file and does not include for printing or framing of the image. The purchase, download and use of the digital media, constitutes your full acceptance of the terms and conditions.