Printspiration: Online Print Vendor (Whitewall)

Printspiration: Online Print Vendor (Whitewall)

A series outlining the different print pathways you can take once you have purchased your digital print.* 

is a well known online print vendor with lots of expertise and innovation in terms of the website and also products they offer. There are many other print vendors online which offer a similar service with varying price ranges. 

I chose the Wells Fractal digital print (large) to upload to the site and see what options were available for printing and also, get an idea of price.

Firstly, I purchased** the digital print from the photowellness website and downloaded it on to my computer. 

Then I uploaded it to the Whitewall site. The process was slick and easy and I didn't even have to sign in to upload my file. Once uploaded the website gave me the option to show the print in a virtual room, and also made some size suggestions based upon the file size.  

I chose to have the file printed on stretched canvas with a frame at approximately 70x70 cm (27x27"). Delivery was promised within 7 days and it arrived bang on time. 

The packaging was sturdy and efficient and included inside are instructions on how to get the best out of your print. 

I had the perfect spot for the print on a bare patch of wall in my living room. I love it - it's a mesmerising, shapeshifting print that is rooted in the textures and light at Wells cathedral

*This is not sponsored . I chose Whitewall at random from a series of online vendors. 

** The purchase price is for the downloaded file and does not include for printing or framing of the image. Terms and Conditions