Fractal Worlds

Fractal Worlds

I've been fascinated by old buildings and places for as long as I can remember. As a kid I used to go out and sketch the church on the hill and the old mills in my home town. I took that passion into my later years and even finished a thesis on genius loci - spirit of place. 

One thing that I've discovered about old places (streets, buildings, landscapes) is that they have a complexity that echoes on several levels. Plan and site, pattern and decoration, texture and colour and materials. Inherent within our historic built environment are patterns that resemble the fractal forms of nature. 

Our biophilia tends to find solace in older buildings. 

The image above was created directly from The Wells Light Refinery image.

My photographs of the built environment are compositions in themselves - little worlds frozen by the click of a shutter. Some are influenced by the golden ratio or the rule of thirds. 

The fractal art works are created directly from my photographs. All the images in this series are taken directly from an original photograph. They take on the essence of the patterns, colours, and ambience from the original photograph and turn them into compositions that draw the eye and evoke a spirit of place. 

The Sun Tree Glow image was created directly from the Sun Tree Image

Beverley Sun Risen Glow

I have these images up on my walls and they connect on so many levels. There are some that help me focus and some that help me feel relaxed. Most of them seem to shape-shift and refresh on a daily basis. They are infused with the spirit of the original place that they were taken from. 

All the images in the Fractal Collection can be viewed in AR in your own home.

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