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Does the cost of the file include printing etc?

No, the price you pay is for the download only. For that, you get to use the file for up to three different prints and also on your home screen/ device/ tv for personal use.

What's the best way to download my file?

The best way to download your file is on your PC - save it to your hard disk.

I clicked download when I was on my mobile device. Can I still download it later on my PC?

Yes, you can. You should receive an email with a download link - use that link to download it to your PC.

How do I print the file?

Check out my Printspiration! guide.

Can I use the file for my desktop or device home screen image or screensaver?

Yes, you can but for personal use only. You might need to reduce the size of the image you downloaded. The final desktop or device image may be cropped to suit the size of your device. 

What's the difference between large, medium and small files?

The large files can be printed up to full poster size, medium files up to A3 size and small files are recommended for greeting card size. (Recommended print sizes are indicated with each product size).

Can I print bigger than the recommended size?

You can, but at your own risk. I have printed some of the large files in larger formats without any visible signs of deterioration in quality. Seek your printer's advice. 

Do I only get to use the digital print once?

You can use the digital file to make up to three prints for personal use. This could be in any combination of outcomes including self-prints and/or vendor prints. For example, you could use a single download to

  • produce a print from your printer for your office board, 
  • have a vendor produce a mounted and framed print,
  • have a vendor produce a greetings card.

I want to make three different sized prints from the large digital print I downloaded. How can I reduce the size of the image for the smaller prints?

Firstly, you might not need to do that - most online print vendors will make the necessary adjustments when you upload the file. If not:

    Working with large files
    To get the highest quality print some of the digital file sizes may exceed 50mb when uncompressed. Most print sites are enabled to upload your file straight from your computer. If you are not using an upload service and would like to transfer your file (via email) to your preferred print service, the you can use a free file transfer service such as WeTransfer. You can also save your file on a usb drive/ external drive and send it to your printer.

    Colour profile

    All the images on this site are in the Adobe RGB (1998) Colour Profile. It will help if you tell your printer this or list it in your print machine's options (if available).  

    Mounting and framing
    Most online printers cater for bespoke sizes. Most of the images on this site are standard print size friendly. Where appropriate they have also had borders added ready for mounting. If you plan on adding a border or a frame, some of the images may not be standard size (listed as 'Bespoke') and you might have to use a bespoke sized border or frame. Alternatively you can crop into the image. Your printer should be able to offer good advice on this. For more information check out the Handy Print Size Chart

    Online photo printing
    There are numerous online photo printing sites which enable you to upload an image ready for printing. Search for ‘online photo printing’. Additionally there are several photo printing sites which will print out onto media such as greeting cards.

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