Handy Print Size Chart

Most photographs on this site have a standard aspect ratio which suits common print sizes used by the majority of online and in-town printing services. Each photograph is listed with its aspect ratio.

Check out the the chart below to see the common print sizes related to each aspect ratio. This means that the digital print you download will fit the print size perfectly without the need for manipulation or cropping.

A few of the photographs on display are listed as ‘bespoke’. This means that the aspect ratios are unique or of a type that is not as common as the standard sizes. Most in-town printers offer bespoke services to fit unorthodox sizes at little additional cost. 

Print Size Chart

Aspect Ratio Small Print Size Medium Print Size  Large Print Size
6x4 8x12 inches 12x18 inches 24x36 inches
16x9 8x14 inches 12x21.5 inches 24x42.5 inches
1x1 (square) 12x12 inches 18x18 inches 36x36 inches