Eglwys bach y môr - St. Cwyfan, Anglesey Digital Print

Eglwys bach y môr - St. Cwyfan, Anglesey Digital Print


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St. Cwyfan, Eglwys bach y môr or the Little church in the sea resides on the small tidal island of Cribinau which lies off the coast of Anglesey in Wales. Anglesey is full of timeless places like this. It dates from the 12th century.

After being commissioned to photograph this remarkable place, I travelled back to capture this aerial photograph of the textured maritime landscape that has been shaped by pilgrimage.

This photograph combines land sea and building into a harmonious whole. 

Spirit of Place, Timeless, Uplifting, Landscape, Gothic, Seascape, Heritage, Wales, Cymru. 

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